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How to Relight a Gas Water Heater

Has your hot water system stopped producing warm water? You can try relighting it. and in most cases, this is be enough to fix the problem. If relighting the pilot doesn’t help, you’ll need to call gas hot water installation & repair service. Before you ring a plumber, follow these steps to try and solve the problem by yourself!

If You Have A Standard Pilot Light Hot Water Unit:

  • Turn the gas to ‘pilot’, depress the button and hold
  • Use the other hand to light the pilot
  • Wait for one minute until the thermocouple thoroughly heats up.

If You Have An Electric Ignition HWS:

  • look for the ‘ignition’ button located on the gas control valve
  • Press the button to light the pilot. 

The next step is to turn the gas control knob back to ‘on’ setting. But before that, make sure that the light has been burning for a minute. After you’ve done that, you can set the temperature, but pay attention to the flame. If it is solid and has a blue colour, it is safe to put the cover back on. But if the flame is weak or has an orange tone, then there may be a blockage or you might need to replace the burner.

When To Ask For Professional Help?

If you fail to fix the problem by relighting the pilot light, then you may have a more serious issue, and it is best to call a plumber or appliance technician. Possible solutions include replacing the burner or a control valve. These services can be costly, so you might also consider replacing the entire unit with a new one. Typically, gas hot water system prices are reasonable, and it is better to purchase a new one if your old one has already lasted for more than twelve years.

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