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6 Fascinating Facts About Rheem Hot Water Systems

When you think about hot water systems in Perth, Rheem is one of the first things that come to mind. The company proudly manufactures everything from innovative gas and electric hot water units to solar-powered systems. Their products are famous for being extra safe, beautifully designed and environmentally friendly. Rheem hot water systems have been best-sellers in Australia for decades, and we all know it as a brand Aussies love and trust. But we bet you didn’t know about these six fascinating facts!

1 – Products are Made from Aussie Steel

All the Rheem hot water systems are manufactured from pure Aussie steel. BHP, later named BlueScope Steel had purchased 50% of Rheem back in 1939 when the company started manufacturing the first hot water systems. Based in Australia, they are world leaders in fabricating top-quality steel components.

2 – They are Using Next-Level Technology

As a leader in creating cutting-edge hot water systems, the company uses the latest technologies to produce truly innovative solutions that are increasingly safer, more convenient, more sustainable and energy-efficient. Nonetheless, Rheem electric hot water system prices are reasonable. The brand is constantly evolving and tackling all the major challenges of our day and age, be it climate, economy, digital technology or our ever-changing lifestyle.

3 – Rheem is a Pioneer in Solar Water Heating Technology

Solar-powered systems have been with us for a while, helping us create a healthier environment by reducing carbon emissions. Did you know that Rheem is a global pioneer in solar water heating systems? Their green products are the new best-sellers as the company is dedicated to finding the best sustainable solutions and bring them to the market. Their eco-friendly heating systems can cut your energy use and carbon footprint by 80%.

4 – The Company is Supporting Your Local Plumbers

Rheem hot water system Perth locals typically choose requires exceptional plumbing services for both installation and maintenance. This is why the company is investing in local plumbers. They provide free resources, training programs and rewards for plumbers all over Australia, which is a huge help for the industry. Additionally, they make it easy to order spare parts so that they are always ready for plumbing emergencies.

5 – They Care About Sustainability

Rheem is committed to manufacturing greener hot water systems for a sustainable future. From the production process to the final product and packaging, every aspect of their work is a part of their environmental improvement program. The key goals they are striving to achieve include reducing energy use, water waste and carbon footprint.

6 – Rheem Used to Make Drums

Established in 1936, Rheem Manufacturing Co was a part of an American company which specialised in producing drums and shipping containers. Rheem began making drums in Australia in 1937 and manufactured the very first hot water system at Waterloo, Sydney in 1939. After BHP purchased the American interest in Rheem Australia Limited, it has become a truly Australian company. The rest, as they say, is history…

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