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Don’t Put Coffee Grounds Down Your Drain. Do This Instead

Don’t Put Coffee Grounds Down Your Drain. Do This Instead!

Here at Baywood Plumbing and Gas, we are on call to help Perth customers with all their plumbing and gas needs and problems. One job we get called out to regularly is to unblock drains that have had all manner of things put down them. We know that many people dispose of their coffee grounds down the sink. And, we’ve seen the fallout for ourselves. Coffee grounds can so easily block your pipes. Surely there are better ways of getting rid of them?

Absorbing Fridge Smells 

Believe it or not, placing an open container of used coffee grounds  in your fridge will rid it of nasty food odours. An added bonus is that coffee smells great too!

Outdoor and Indoor Gardening

Rather than putting down compost, spreading coffee ground around your plants is a viable option. This will help stimulate new plant growth as well as repelling pesky insects.

Deep-Cleaning Hair Treatment

It might sound a bit strange but old coffee grounds make an excellent deep-cleansing hair treatment. Simply massage in a handful and then rinse out to clean your hair of any build-up.

We’re sure there are loads of other uses for old coffee grounds. Just remember to never dispose of them down the sink. If you have noticed that there’s an issue with drainage or someone in your household has put something down the drain that they shouldn’t have, don’t panic. Simply give us a call today on 0418 922 906. We only employ qualified, local Perth plumbers who will diagnose and repair your plumbing problems rapidly and without any hassle. We understand that your time is precious, so you can rely on us to always deliver what and when we say we will. At Baywood Plumbing and Gas we go that extra mile.

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