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If you’ve ever tried to sleep with a leaking tap in the next room, you can probably feel the anger and frustration building in you already. Instead of stressing, take a deep breath in the knowledge that there is something you can do about this most hellish of niggling problems. Yeah, you might just need to replace a washer, but a constant drip could also be a sign of an underlying problem that needs looked at quickly. So, be on the safe side and phone a plumber!

No Hot Water

If you’re waiting for ages to find that your water is just not heating up, you need to call our team. There are heaps of different reasons this could be happening from something simple to huge issues with the system itself. Rather than hoping that things will improve, be proactive to stop your system from facing further damage and to enjoy the feeling of a long, hot shower again!

Weird Sounds

Now if you’ve got little kids or even teenagers at home, you’re sure to hear some pretty weird sounds as it is. However, the weird sounds we mean are your plumbing making banging, popping or knocking noises that are out of the ordinary. Usually, these sounds are caused by trapped water within your pipes. What this means though is that your pipes could be under pressure. So, you should turn off your main water valve and call us up to investigate sooner rather than later. Burst pipes wreck homes, days and bank balances. Trust us, we’ve seen some carnage in our time!

Energy Supply Issues

If you suspect your water system isn’t working properly due to energy supply issues, have a check to see if your switches have been turned off or have tripped. Blown fuses can be a very common event that may lead to you thinking you could need your hot water repaired. In the case that your power keeps turning off, it’s best practice to get a qualified electrician to check your circuit board and wiring. It’s always a good idea to get this done quickly to save you further potential hassle in the future.

You know, there are so many issues that can occur even if you have a great Bosch, Dux or Rheem hot water system. Perth residents and business owners often come to us as their first choice when they’re having hot water problems because we have a solid reputation for quality and excellence throughout the area.

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