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Baywood Hot Water system pluming and Gas Hot Shower

Go Green with Solar

If you want to save money and the environment by going green, then a solar hot water system is a great solution. They use energy from the sun to deliver hot water to your home while reducing your carbon emissions and allowing you to make substantial savings. Here is everything you need to know!

Benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

Did you know Australia’s solar radiation can produce 10,000 times more energy than we need? It is a huge source of power we can use to our advantage. The key benefits of solar hot water systems include:

  • They are protecting the environment by lowering carbon emissions
  • They are effective in saving money on energy use
  • They may increase the value of your property

While electrical water heating produces nearly a quarter of your household carbon emissions, using solar energy can reduce them by up to 3 tons. Even though a solar hot water system price tends to be fairly high, this investment pays off in the long run. Providing up to 90% of your annual hot water supplies, these systems can significantly lower your energy bills. They are incredibly efficient in regions blessed with a warm climate such as Perth, and they potentially add value to any WA home.  

Active and Passive Solar Hot Water Systems

If you’ve decided to invest in a solar hot-water system, you need to determine which type you want to buy. An active system uses pumps with indirect circulation to heat and distribute the water throughout your household. It features automatic controllers to detect when sunlight is being collected. The passive one relies on natural convection and features a thermosiphon mechanism. Which solar hot water system Perth locals like better? Both types are sustainable and reliable. However, the active system is a more practical option if you want to have a solar-heated swimming pool. Passive systems are also popular because they can be more affordable, but they also feature a heavier water tank.

Size of the Your Solar Hot Water System

The next step is to determine the size of your collection area and storage that will satisfy your needs. Depending on the amount of hot water your household requires, you might need larger or smaller solar panels and a storage tank. When you live in a sunny area like Perth, you need about 6 square metres of solar panels on your roof, for two people plus 2.4 square metres for additional family members. The size of the water tank should be around 130 litres for 1-3 people (small) or about 300 litres for a family of four (medium). If you have more than four members of the household and a swimming pool, you can consider purchasing a larger tank.  

Maintenance and Repairs

Solar hot water system repairs Perth-wide are not expensive considering the low energy bills. Regular maintenance is crucial if you want to make sure the system works properly. This includes the general inspection of the system and cleaning the solarpanels. Additionally, you may also need to replace the pressure valve and the expansion control valve, install a new sacrificial anode and check the electric booster and thermostat.

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