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How To Prolong the Life Span of Your Washing Machine

How To Prolong the Life-Span of Your Washing Machine

You have a brand new washing machine or perhaps you’re hoping to extend the life of the one you already have. Whatever your situation, it’s crucial to look after your equipment. As well as cleaning out your washing machine regularly, the following tips may help you further extend its life:

Go Easy on the Detergent

We all love clean, fresh-smelling clothes, however, if you use too much detergent, it can leave a residue inside your machine. You may not have known it, but this can lead to bacterial build-up, fade colours and can even attract more dirt. So, always follow the instructions on the packaging!

Don’t Leave Wet Clothes Lying in Your Machine

We know you’re exhausted after a busy day, but you really need to take your wet laundry out of the machine when it’s finished its cycle. Wet clothes lying for prolonged periods can promote mildew and mould growth. You really don’t want musty, ruined clothes either.

Leave the Washing Machine Door Open After Use

When you close the door after you use your machine, all the moisture is trapped inside. Guess what? This causes mildew and mould to grow. So, it’s crucial to air your machine. Just ensure that no little people or pets hide inside!

Allow the Soap Dispenser Drawer to Dry

When your machine isn’t in use, allow your dispenser drawer to air dry so it’s always fresh for its next use.

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