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How To Tell if You Have a Plumbing Emergency

How To Tell if You Have a Plumbing Emergency

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out if a plumbing issue is an emergency that needs to be attended to immediately or if you can wait until the next day to get in touch with a plumber. In typical fashion, pipes burst and leaks begin in the middle of the night when everyone’s exhausted and trying to get some sleep for work and school in the morning. It’s understandable that perhaps the last thing you’ll want to do is to get a service professional out. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a shortlist to help you know when to call out an emergency Kensington plumber.

Sewage where it shouldn’t be or a backed-up toilet

A robust plumbing system efficiently rids your home of waste. Unfortunately, though, drain blockages can occur at any time and are never pretty. So, if you spot sewage where it shouldn’t be or your toilet has an issue, it’s essential that you call out a plumber straight away!

Gas leak

Even if you suspect a gas leak or you think you smell gas, you need to call out a professional immediately. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous. You need to turn off your gas straight away at the main gas valve. Next, open all the doors and windows and then call the plumber. It’s crucial to vacate the property until he arrives just in case.

Burst pipes

There are various different reasons for pipes to burst including using bad-quality plumbing fixtures, age, faulty workmanship and accidental impact. Water from burst pipes can quickly wreck your home causing very costly damage. If you find a burst pipe in your home, turn off your water at the mains and contact a plumber as soon as you can.

Water leak

A water leak is never good news. There are so many reasons that this can happen, so you want to be on the safe side and call out a professional to see where the water is coming from. You may have a corroding hot water tank, a failing washer or even a problem with your drains. So, the second you spot even a tiny trickle of water, turn off the supply at the mains and get in touch with a plumber!

No hot water

Going without hot water for a day or so in the summer months is just about manageable. However, in the winter, hot water is a necessity. Don’t just hope that things will get better. Get in touch with an expert today.

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