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Pros & Cons of Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous systems provide instant hot water, which makes them a preferred option in many WA households. However, they don’t come without some limitations. If you are not sure whether to install a tankless hot water unit in your home, here are the pros and cons you need to consider.

Advantages of Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

1 – They are Compact

When compared to hot water tanks, instantaneous systems are considerably smaller and can fit inside the smallest apartments or tiniest houses. They are very practical because you can easily install them next to a shower, sink or a faucet. Aesthetics, combined with convenience, makes them popular throughout Australia. Instantaneous hot water systems Perth plumbers recommend feature overheat protection to ensure maximum safety.

2 – You’ll Never Run Out of Hot Water

The most important asset of a tankless systems is that they provide instant hot water when you need it. While tanks can secure a limited amount of water and they take a while to heat up, this is a practical solution for Perth families.

3 – They Save Energy

Modern instantaneous hot water units are made to consume less energy. Storage systems consume gas or electricity even when you are not using them because they need to maintain the desired temperature in the tank. If you invest in an instantaneous system, you’ll never have wasted hot water again.

4 – They are Durable

Instantaneous hot water systems last longer. Their service life is typically 20+ years while conventional ones last for 10-15 years. An additional advantage is the low cost of replacing a tankless system when compared to storage hot water units.

5 – They Are Compatible With Solar Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous systems provide the best results when combined with solar hot water units. Because the solar system features a tank, it compensates for the key limitations of an instantaneous hot water unit. Whenever sunlight can’t provide enough energy, the tankless hot water system can cover the gap.

Disadvantages of Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

1 – They Can’t Store Hot Water

One of the major downsides of instantaneous hot water systems is their inability to store hot water. In the event of a sudden power cut or routine maintenance, you won’t have any hot water as backup. This also means that you can’t always benefit from off-peak electricity rates and heat the water in storage when electricity is cheap.

2 – Inconsistent Temperatures

One of the common problems with instantaneous hot water system Perth locals report is the inconsistency of water temperatures. It is much easier to achieve a stable temperature in a water reservoir, while tankless hot water units can’t always respond to sudden changes in demand.

3 – Higher Installation Costs

It can cost more to install instantaneous hot water systems. They come with special wiring needs, and you also may need extra piping and fittings, which adds to the cost of labour. Costs can be much higher if you are switching from electric to gas.

4 – Problems with Hard Water

Hard water that is common in some WA regions can cause tankless hot water systems to work harder and break down. This problem can be solved if you install a water softener which then adds to the overall cost.

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