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Solar Hot Water Systems in Perth – What You Need to Know

Here, in Western Australia, 27% of the average energy usage of a household is derived from their hot water use. 27%! That’s a pretty big chunk of your budget, especially when recent times have been tough for us all. Thankfully, there is a sure way that you can get your energy bill down while being kinder to the environment – solar energy.

In your typical Aussie home, water heating is the reason for the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Bearing this in mind, solar-powered hot water systems can help you to save from between $300 to $700 on your power bills every year.

Another great thing is that we don’t have any shortage of sun in Perth. That’s why so many people are making the switch to solar hot water systems. Yes, they might cost a bit more to initially install, however, they definitely pay for themselves over time. Baywood Plumbing & Gas is proud to provide robust installation, maintenance and solar hot water system repairs Perth-wide for commercial and residential customers.

We work with you to ensure you select a system that is completely right for the needs of your specific household. We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to solar hot water, so we always work with your budget and requirements to provide you with a complete service that is second to none.

So, What Exactly Is Solar Water Heating?

You no doubt have a fairly good idea about solar water heating – it’s a system that harnesses the energy of the sun for warming up your water. One incredibly positive aspect of these systems is that our solar hot water Perth customers tell us they greatly appreciate the fact that this specific technology relies on a pure, clean energy source. Consequently, when you switch to solar water, your domestic carbon footprint will be reduced.

You probably associate or equate solar energy with solar panels. These convert the sun’s energy into electricity. However, in the case of water heating, solar thermal panels are used. So, if your latest power bill has been terrifying, or you need to replace your current hot water system, we can tell you that making the move to solar power is totally worth it. It’ll be significantly cheaper to run than conventional gas or electric systems. So, both the planet and your bank account will benefit. What’s even better is that the initial purchase price can be offset with incentives and government rebates.

Look Out For Hidden Costs!

When it comes to buying a new solar hot water system, Perth customers often wonder why there are such huge price differences from company to company and HWS (hot water system) to HWS. You’d perhaps think that the best way forward would be to opt for the lowest price you can find. However, you could be setting yourself up for a whole lot of financial heartache.

You should never base your final decision on the price that’s advertised. There could be sneaky hidden costs on top of these that will drive the price right up through the roof. Trust us, we’ve been in this industry for a long time now, constantly comparing our prices with our competitors to ensure we stay affordable and transparent in everything we do.

The thing that hit us when we looked at all the available prices was that there was a good bit of deception going on with various companies in terms of pricing. One way we suggest you stay ahead of these is that you ask for a complete and transparent quote before you allow any work to begin. At Baywood Plumbing & Gas, we pride ourselves on providing clear, jargon-free quotes for our current and prospective clients. So, you always know what you’ll be paying and why.

The Many Benefits of Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar heaters are the cost-effective choice for you if you’re hoping to make savings each and every year. To recap, the following benefits should help you decide if a solar hot water heater is right for you:

  • Solar HWS provide lots of hot water no matter the time of year
  • These systems reduce your carbon footprint
  • Utility bills will be lower
  • Solar water heating is extremely durable as well as having low maintenance costs when compared with other renewable energy solutions
  • There are various incentives you can utilise when you opt for a solar HWS
  • There are very few additional costs involved apart from the initial installation price because these systems use the sun’s heat alongside the electricity that’s needed to run the pump that powers the system

So, you see, there is a variety of incredibly positive reasons it’s a great idea (as well as sound financial sense) to have a solar hot water system installed in your home or business.

Getting a Quote

When you contact our team, we will come out to assess your home when it’s convenient for you. And, you don’t have to worry about us not turning up because we are tradespeople of our word. We have a wide range of products that you can choose from, so you know that you have options available to you at all times. We will base our expert recommendations on how many people live in your property, the amount of hot clothes washing and showering you all do every day and what time of day you do it.

Final Words

As with everything else in your home, one of the most important things you can do is to research. You should also be contacting a few companies for quotes as well as to find out what’s on offer locally. As we said before, be really wary of outfits that promise the earth for a heavily reduced price. You’re not going to get anywhere with a company like that. Additionally, they could wreck your plumbing altogether!

Just remember that Baywood Plumbing & Gas has been in business for a long time, so we are the local plumbers that locals trust. 

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