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Stinky Bathroom These Home Remedies Will Help

Stinky Bathroom? These Home Remedies Will Help

The bathroom is the one room in the home that’s likely to smell a little less than fragrant from time to time. Rather than relying on shop-bought artificial air fresheners, there is a more natural way to keep that little room pong-free. Take a look at these easy and natural ways of ensuring your bathroom always stays smelling fresh while being safe for the whole family:


 We all recognise the distinctive aroma of eucalyptus. These plants have pretty high oil concentrations in their leaves so hanging dried branches in the bathroom is an inexpensive, pretty way to ensure your space smells amazing. Just remember to keep the branches out of the way of pets and kids as these can have a very adverse effect when ingested.

Baking Soda

 An oldie but still a goodie – baking soda is perfect for actually absorbing bad smells. All you need to do is fill up a bowl with the soda and just leave it in the bathroom out of reach of any youngsters. The baking soda will actually neutralise those bad smells! Replace your baking soda every month for best results.

 Essential Oils

 You can either buy a cheap diffuser or even just soak some fabric or cotton balls in the oil of your choice and leave it in a container in your bathroom. There are so many wonderful smelling essential oils to choose from that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Just ensure that the ones you choose are able to be safely used in the home. Some are not great for pets, for example.

If you’ve tried all these potential solutions and then some, it might be time to call out the plumber just in case. Baywood Plumbing and Gas is a reliable, knowledgeable plumbing contractor. Perth people have been confidently using their services for over 25 years and have only good things to say. Don’t put up with a stinky bathroom, ask Baywood to check it out!

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