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The Bathroom’s Flooded – What Can I Do

The Bathroom’s Flooded – What Can I Do?

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. A flooded bathroom is no joke. It can potentially cause not only damage to that one room but to the surrounding area too. If you’re reading this today because your bathroom is water-logged then the first thing to do is not to panic. Just stay calm and remember the following:

Shut Off the Electricity

Water and electricity are a dangerous mix. So, shut off the electricity. There is a very real risk of electrocution when a room in a home is flooded. Also, if you smell gas, vacate the property immediately and phone for help.

Shut Off the Water

Next, turn off the water so the flood doesn’t continue to worsen.

Try to Dry Things Up

Remove all furniture and soft furnishings. Wipe off everything else that’s wet. If you have any electronic items around, be careful.

Take Some Photos

It’s prudent to take some photos of any damage for insurance purposes.

Help the Natural Drying Process

Open the windows, drawers, cabinets and doors so that they dry out as quickly as possible. Remember not to use anything electrical! Remember to give the floor a good mop too.

Call Baywood Plumbing and Gas!

You’ve taken all the steps you can to protect your bathroom as much as possible against flood damage. The next thing to do is give our team a call. We’re available 24/7. For 24 hr plumbing Perth, our team come highly recommended.

We will come out to your home or business to pinpoint the cause of the flood. We’ll then be able to fix the issues in order to prevent them from recurring. It’s important that you call out a plumber ASAP as if you have a leak, your bathroom will be unusable as well as potentially being permanently structurally damaged.

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