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The Difference Between a Gasfitter and a Plumber

The Difference Between a Gasfitter and a Plumber

It may sound like a silly question, but how do you tell the difference between a gasfitter and a plumber? Surely a gasfitter works with gas and a plumber works with water. However, the lines are not as clearly defined as you might initially think. You see, both gas fitting and plumbing relate to similar types of enclosed pipe systems, so it’s easy to believe that all gasfitters are also plumbers.

It’s true , however, that someone who does plumbing work can also undertake gas work too. The truth is though that a professional needs special training as well as a special certificate to be a gasfitter. With all this in mind, let’s take a more in-depth look at the difference between gasfitters and plumbers.

So, what is gas fitting work?

As you might expect, gas fitting work is anything that connects to gas installations. As the foremost gas plumber Rockingham, our team at Baywood Plumbing & Gas has many years’ experience in the field. Our highly experience professionals set up, maintain, alter and remove gas systems among other things. We are very aware of the dangers associated with gas. It’s highly flammable and can even be toxic. Thankfully, we are the local team of experts that can carefully and safely handle all processes relating to gas. When you choose our team to work on your gas plumbing, you can be sure you’re in the safest of hands.

What does a gasfitter actually do?

We’ve already touched on what a professional gasfitter does in general. Taking a broader look at their day-to-day work, a gasfitter can expect to handle appliance installations such as gas heaters, gas BBQs, ovens and so on. Additionally, heating systems is another job that comes to mind. It’s crucial that all gas appliances etc are connected and disconnected from the system correctly. You don’t want to take a chance with your wellbeing!

What about qualifications?

There are many plumbers who are qualified to perform various gas fitting jobs. However, someone who qualifies as a gasfitter is not always or even usually licensed to work as a plumber. So, it’s important to ask professionals about their qualifications before you hire them. Also, make sure to ask for testimonials so you know your chosen expert is up to the job. Baywood Plumbing & Gas is the gas plumber Rockingham people know and trust so just get in touch to arrange a quote!

The bottom line

To conclude, there is no general rule when it comes to plumbers and gasfitters. So, you need to check out the qualifications of the expert you wish to choose. Credential checking is key to having a job well and safely done. It’s so crucial not to cut any corners or take any chances when it comes to gas work. Your property won’t only be damaged but you could find yourself in a potentially life-endangering situation. For plumbing and gas work you can trust, simply give our team a call!

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