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Top Plumbing Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Wouldn’t it be so great to be able to fix little plumbing issues around your home yourself? You know, there are some plumbing jobs that may be easier to carry out than you think. One sure way to keep your plumbing on track is to ensure your system is regularly maintained. The old saying that prevention is always better than a cure is absolutely true when it comes to your water. As Perth plumbers, our customers come to us regularly for advice about their systems. And, we are always happy to help as well as to share our knowledge so their plumbing works well for as long as possible.

Since we are always asked for tips, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are some of the most useful ones if you are tackling some jobs yourself. Do remember that even if you’re in the middle of a DIY job and find that you need some help, the Baywood Plumbing & Gas team is here for you. Just get in touch and we will be with you to rectify any problems in no time at all!

Know when to hire a professional plumber

Although it’s certainly a positive idea to equip yourself with at least a basic knowledge of sewage and plumbing, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need to call in the professionals. For example, if you have a problem that just won’t go away or you’re in the middle of an emergency, you need to call an expert. When it comes to plumbing, Perth WA-based Baywood Plumbing & Gas is the team you can always rely on. It’s probably a good idea to save our number in your phone so if there’s a problem, you can contact us without delay.

Some problems a professional service provider will help you with include:

  • No hot water. If you’ve checked your thermostat is high enough, your fuse box hasn’t tripped and you’ve reset your boiler, your next step should be to call a plumber.
  • Low pressure. Low boiler pressure isn’t the most serious plumbing issue; however, it can drive up the cost of keeping your house warm as well as affecting how well your shower runs.
  • Sewage problems. If your drains smell bad, then there could potentially be a blockage in the sewage line.
  • Burst/leaking pipes. If you even suspect a leak, it’s crucial to call out a plumber straight away to accurately diagnose and fix the problem.

Even if you are unsure that you have a plumbing emergency, you should always call out a professional if you’re in doubt. That’s what we’re here for!

Know how to prevent plumbing problems

If there is anyone in your home who likes to throw random things down the toilet, tell them to stop. You don’t want to end up with a blockage that could lead to a flood. So, encourage everyone who lives with you to dispose of their unwanted items correctly to save you from having to call the plumber out!

Commonly flushed items include:

  • Hair. Often, bathroom drains in particular, can be blocked with hair if you don’t have a drain cover. To maintain the cleanliness of your drains, regularly flush out your plughole using baking soda.
  • Sanitary products. Sanitary products are specially designed to be absorbent. Consequently, when you flush them down the toilet, they’ll expand. (Not good!)
  • Oils, fats and grease. You should never pour any of these down the sink because they can badly clog your pipes. Pour them into a container instead before discarding them.
  • Wipes. Flushable wipes are okay to flush away because they’re flushable after all, right? Wrong. Even these wipes will end up blocking your pipes eventually. They also contain minute plastic fibres that can be harmful to marine life.

By following the advice above, you can keep your home plumbing running as well as possible for as long as possible.

Look out for leaks

A dripping tap wastes buckets of water as well as your hard-earned money. Taking this into account, you should always strive to get the problem fixed as soon as you possibly can. There are various ways you can spot leaks, including:

  • Checking for waterlogged areas in your yard
  • Checking your meter readings to spot changes in your usage
  • Checking for low water pressure from your taps or showers

If you spot any of these signs or something else that concerns you, contact the plumber Perth residents know and trust, Baywood Plumbing & Gas.

Know the problem signs to look out for

If you know what to look out for, in the long run you’ll end up saving lots of time and potentially money. Catching problems early should be your main goal so your home and bank balance don’t sustain too much unnecessary damage. Issues to watch out for include:

  • Bad smells. No one wants to have to endure a nasty stink emanating from their plugholes. If you’re currently experiencing this issue, it might be down to sewage. As you can imagine, sewage gases can be harmful to your health, so you really need to stay aware.
  • Gurgling and dripping. Any gurgling and/or dripping coming from toilets or pipes should be investigated without delay.
  • Moist walls and floors. Moist walls and floors could be a sign of a leak. Also, if you see mould appearing, you need to act fast before it gets the opportunity to spread.
  • Slow draining sink. A sure sign that there’s a blockage is a slow draining sink

If anything at all doesn’t feel right to you with regards to your plumbing, just call out your local expert Perth plumbers Baywood Plumbing & Gas. We know all there is to about plumbing maintenance, installation and repair. We’ve been in the business since 1995 and have been proudly serving the local community ever since. As a team, we do everything we can to go above and beyond your expectations. We look forward to being of service to you!

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