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What’s the Cost of a Solar Hot Water System in Australia in 2020?

With electricity prices rising higher and higher, many Australians are looking at hot water system alternatives. Hot water accounts for a third of the energy usage of a home, so it’s crucial to make financial savings where and when you can.

When it comes to solar hot water installation, Perth residents often ask us about costs. There are so many variables when it comes down to this. Different providers will charge different prices for their services. Even so, it’s true that a solar hot water system will save you money in just a few years as well as reducing the energy your system uses depending on the particular one you buy.

It has to be noted that a solar hot water system usually has an electric or gas backup so you can always be assured of having hot water. Average prices per year a larger family will pay for hot water are:

  • LPG gas – $1100
  • Electric systems – $1600
  • Off-peak electric hot water systems – $1000
  • Heat pumps – $650
  • Electric boosted solar hot water systems – $410

Smaller households will pay about $610 for an electric system whereas they’ll only pay $98 for an electricity-boosted solar water system. A medium sized family will pay approximately $1100 each year for an electrical water system but only $183 for its solar counterpart.

So, you can clearly see the saving you can make when you install a solar hot water system. In fact, the only other water system that comes close to these financial savings is a heat pump. Compared to solar powered water systems, gas and electric systems are often considered to be a waste of money. If you are living in the area and are looking for more information on a solar hot water system, Perth-based Baywood Plumbing & Gas are always on hand to help. Just give us a call to talk through your options and requirements.

Are There Any Incentives Available?

There are certain solar incentives available to help you with the cost of a new system. Our team at Baywood Plumbing & Gas are aware of these and can advise you accordingly.

So, How Much Should I Expect to Spend on the Hot Water System Itself?

After the value of the incentives is deducted you can expect to pay something similar to the following:

  • 181 litre system – $2350
  • 181 litre system (frost protected) – $2800

Prices for split systems (solar roof panels and ground-mounted tanks) could be around:

  • 270 litre system – $2625
  • 410 litre system – $4300

Manufacturers say that by using solar hot water systems, you can reduce your overall energy outlay by between 50 and 90%. These savings are significant and your system will pay for itself in no time at all. To harness the power of the sun to heat your water while saving yourself money, just contact the Baywood Plumbing & Gas team. We provide the solar hot water service Perth people rely on. We look forward to being of service to you!

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