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Your New Solar Hot Water Heater – What You Need to Know

Water heating is a major contributor to energy use and cost for Australian residents – a whopping 25% of overall household energy use, in fact. And, why is it that your hot water system breaks down when the relatives are coming to stay? It’s a fact of life that if there are any problems with your hot water, these will occur when it’s totally inconvenient – not that there’s ever a good time for your taps to run with freezing cold water but you know what we mean!

Another problem you might face is that you’re receiving massive power bills for your current system set up. And, nowadays more than ever, it’s prudent to make as many financial savings as you can. You don’t want to be paying out money that could be easily held onto, so it’s crucial to take a look at ways of saving those dollars. In this blog, we will take a good honest look at solar hot water systems alongside their general costs and other pertinent information so you can make the right decision for you.

First Things First

A good solar hot water system (HWS) will probably cost more to start with. However, you can make some brilliant savings because they’re a whole lot cheaper to run than your usual gas or electric system. Consequently, this makes them good for both your bank account and for the planet! You’ll be able to lower your energy usage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money too. Additionally, a fair bit of the purchase cost can be offset with government incentives and rebates.

The amount of cash you save will be dependent on the following:

  • System performance
  • Actual amount of hot water used
  • Geographic location and amount of sun
  • Current cost of conventional fuels (electricity, natural gas and oil)
  • The government incentives and rebates mentioned previously

So, you see that choosing the right system that will work for your specific household is something that should be done in conjunction with a professional. This way, you can ensure you get the completely suitable and right solar hot water system for your specific household. Perth experts Baywood Plumbing & Gas can help you with this and any other solar hot water system questions you may have.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters (SWHs) heat water via absorbing the energy from the sun to both heat and store water. SWHs can be pretty complex systems that involve a variety of components including storage tank, solar collectors and more. When you choose correctly and have your system professionally installed, you’ll find that these systems are extremely efficient. You can then enjoy cheap piping hot water at any time of the day or night using less energy than a conventional electric or gas system which sounds amazing!

When we use the term ‘solar water heating’ it can refer to a heat pump or to a stand-alone solar hot water system that heats water via energy from the ambient air. A stand-alone solar hot water system captures heat via collectors on the roof.  Booster systems use either electricity or natural gas as a back up to ensure there’s always a reliable hot water supply. It has to be said that booster systems are also far more cost efficient than standard electric or gas systems.

If you’re interested in getting a heat pump, these use a little electricity to circulate a refrigerant around the system via a pump. What the refrigerant does is pick up heat from the air then transfers it to the water store. Additionally, in terms of efficiency, heat pumps are a good deal more efficient than your usual electric water heater.

With information from the Clean Energy Council indicating that installing a solar water heating system will reduce most household’s carbon emissions by as much as 3 tonnes, as well as the big financial savings possible, installing solar hot water is a no brainer!

Estimating the Running Costs

Now, to discuss the elephant in the room – pricing and running costs. Let’s face it, in terms of solar hot water Perth installation and operating costs, you probably don’t want to be spending a fortune. The thing is though the general rule is that if you layout decent money for a more energy efficient system, the better your return will be in general.

Baywood Plumbing & Gas is your local team of hot water experts. With years of experience under our belts, we will advise you on what system will work best for you and your household. We pride ourselves on providing impartial, customer-centred service, so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re getting an end product that’s exactly what you need when you need it. You can rely on us to be completely honest and transparent about all costs involved so there will be no nasty surprises for you to deal with halfway through a job. We also specialise in solar hot water system repairs, providing all our clients with impeccable service.

Getting Your Quote

It takes around 30 minutes on average to complete a home assessment. In fact, we will be in and out of your home in no time at all to get the ball rolling with your brand-new system. There are a few questions we’ll need to ask you too (nothing too taxing, however!)

  • How many people live at your house?
  • How much hot water is used per day and when?
  • Is there a gas connection at the property?
  • What is your current hot water system set up?

What you need to ask the potential new supplier:

  • Does the quote include installation?
  • How long will the entire process take?
  • What government rebates are applicable?

When you choose Baywood Plumbing & Gas for your solar hot water system, you can be assured that the quote you receive will be the price you pay. We are a well-respected team who are always on the end of the phone to help our customers old and new. We look forward to being of service to you.

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