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Are Hot Water Systems Supposed To Leak

Are HWS’s Supposed to Leak?

Regardless of the type of a hot water system, it is common to experience the water dripping from the valves, pipe joints of the unit itself. Leaks are often unnoticed or deliberately ignored at the beginning, and this is a big mistake. Never say that you’ll deal with it later because even the smallest mishaps can evolve into huge problems. It is important to establish the cause of the leak because some of them are harmless, while others can be hazardous. Here is what you need to do as soon as you notice a leak.

  1. Find Where is the Leak Coming From

Even the best hot water system Perth has to offer can start to leak. It is not a reason to panic, but it shouldn’t be ignored either. The first thing to do? Try to locate the problem! Before you do anything, make sure to turn the unit off. Inspect the pipes, valves and the unit itself to try to detect where the water is coming from. This will help you determine the cause and decide what to do next. Here are the most common locations you need to check:

  • The leak could be coming from valves on your hot water unit.
  • The top or the bottom of your hot water system can also leak.
  • Check all the pipes connected to your unit.
  • Inspect all the pipe joints.

Any of these leaks can be dangerous. However, in some cases, they are tolerable. For example, it is actually normal for the valves to occasionally let out small amounts of water, but you have a reason be alarmed if they are continuous.

  • Determine the Cause

Once you find out where the water is coming from, it will be easier to determine the cause. In some cases, it is obvious. However, if you are unsure about the reason, it is better to call your local hot water system service technician. The most common causes include:

  • High water pressure
  • The age of your hot water system
  • Your unit is damaged
  • Fittings are loose

Many problems are stemming from poor hot water system installation or old age. Sometimes harsh weather can cause damage to your pipes and fittings or to the unit itself. In all of these cases, you need a professional to fix the issue or install a new system.

  • Try to Tackle the Problem by Yourself

Some minor issues can be easily fixed, and you can try to do it yourself. For example, if you’ve noticed a leaky pipe joint, you may try to secure it. If you have a problem with water pressure, you can try to install a pressure relief valve. Even if you currently don’t have any leaks or burst pipes, installing this valve will reduce the risk of these potential issues.

Unless you are absolutely confident you can deal with the issue by yourself, it is best to ring your plumber. It is essential to do this as soon as you detect a leak because a timely reaction can prevent much bigger problems.  

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